Why has my concrete settled?

There are many different reasons why sometimes the backfill around your foundation is not compacted properly. This will create voids and the concrete may settle. The backfill around utilities will settle over time.

How does erosion cause my slab to settle?

If the slab is on a hill and water starts running into an open crack, control joint, or alongside the slab, this will eventually wash out the supporting soil and cause the slab to settle and crack.

I have pavers on my pool deck and drive. Can they be mudjacked?

Yes, we can correct your problem with a paver pool deck or drive if your pavers were installed over and existing concrete deck or drive. We would core drill thru the existing pavers and concrete slab and raise it back to it’s original grade. The core with the paver top would then be cemented back into the holes .The completed job would look as if we were never there.

Can you lift and level older homes and structures?

Yes we do , If you have an older wood home or structure and notice that the floor is uneven or has dips, we can help. After years of weight on an existing wood structure the piers may have settled. We can access your crawl-space to determine the cause of the problem.

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